Welcome to Portsmouth Men’s Study

Portsmouth Men's Study
This is a group for us to share arrangements, resources, and responses to our Monday Night Dharma explorations. Click + join above to request access and take part. You can make different kinds of posts and comment on other people's.

Please note that this isn't a drop-in group and we normally request attendance at all sessions for any particular course unless by prior arrangement (feel free to let us know in advance if you won't be able to make it to all sessions and we can discuss alternative arrangements). This helps the study go better as it allows us to go deeper as a community exploring the Dharma together, which is key to understanding it in the heart as well as the head.

You are free to use the Centre to meet together as a group in the off-weeks, but please arrange this all together (you can use this space for that) and aim to finish by 8.30pm to coincide with the end of the women's group.