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Thank you from Transgender Shanaya

On Sun, 20 June, 2021 - 16:49
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It was immense happiness to get help from People to People organization to the vulnerable transgender who lost their daily earnings in Corona crisis and Lockdown in Nagpur. Transgender Shanaya is leadng a group of 16 transgender who suffered a lot in lockdown. They had no food, no money for monthly payment of Electric Bill or House Rent. People to People organization helped them through Electric bill payment and Grocery Kits; they felt relieved in the month of May when tempreture is very high in Nagpur like more than 40 degree.

In this video , Shanaya is talking in Hindi who expressed thanks to People to People and learnt 5 precepts (Negative and Positive) from Tejadhamma. We visited at Shanaya’s house and talked. 

Now lockdown is lifting up but still people are not on rutine , they need helping hand. If you would like to be a helping hand, please feel free to click to donate :

Contact us for any help :

WhatsApp : +91 84594 01059 , Youtube, Facebook, Website

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Very good initiative by Tejadhamma and People to People team members.