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Help to Victims of the Disaster in Nagpur

On Mon, 17 March, 2014 - 09:45
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Still in Need of Help to Victims of the Disaster in Nagpur

Friends… Greetings and metta !

Many heavy storms and hail hit Nagpur recently, doing a lot of harm in the in the slum where we are working with the Vadaar (wanderer) community. We have been helping to improve their childrens’ education and bring them into the mainstream of society. The effects of the storm are disrupting this work and the ability of the community members to earn a living as well.

Many houses have collapsed, roofs are leaking, and for some there are no roofs. The ice storm soaked all of the rooms and damaged grains in storage, along with much of their belongings.  Trying to recover after this disaster has disturbed daily life for everyone. These people need help to rebuild their small huts, houses and roofs. They also need help to purchase food and other necessary items to restart their daily lives and routines.

Our generous donors have sent some donations and we have purchased and distributed tin sheets, bamboo sidings, sticks and other necessary material to the most needy as per our priority list. There are nearly twenty-one families still in dire need of help. Whatever donations we have received are limited.

Please send your compassionate financial or in-kind donation to re-start their lives!  Your GBP 100 will help ONE family to have a roof and necessary materials so that they can return to their routine!

For any correspondence, please contact Tejadhamma at tejadhamma [at] or pple2pple [at] ()

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