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Successful Karate Grading Exam - 64 students passed !

On Sun, 9 June, 2013 - 20:18
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PTP is delighted to inform that the organised event have been successfully took place & 64 boys & girls passed their Karate Grading Exam organized at Kushinagar, Nagpur by People’s Karate Do run under PTP which was shifted from Indora due to technical difficulties. In the grading exam those participants were from mixed locality of verious locations and slums. All the particpants were very spirited and excited to participate in this grading exam.

Dhammachari Aryaketu, Amoghabhadra, Muditamayi & Tejadhamma raised the energy & spirit of the participants by their presence while Karate Grading. Dhammachari Amoghabhadra and Tejadhamma guided student after grading. This grading led by Sensei Rajan Deshbhratar (4th Dan Black Belt) who is active Dhammamitra; inspired and motivated to all participants including Dr. Abhishekh, Nitin Kamble & Ranakar Rodge..

Number of students passed double and triple grade in this exam. All the boys and present parent expressed their happiness to the leading person of the organization. Boys and Gilrs faces speaks a lot ! All the participants in the Grading exam showing their Licence and Grading Card happily !

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Well Done everyone. I too study Shotokan Karate here in the uk. I have very recently begun my journey of the Buddhas path after many years of deliberation. Looking And in a way studying differing religious faiths. It is inspiring to see you young youths achieving congratulations. It is also very humbling to see Karate is alive in every nook And cranny of the globe.