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Dhamma Reaching Further: Transgender Retreat

On Sun, 15 August, 2021 - 09:40
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Transgender Meditation Retreat held successfully

On this retreat our 15 participants learned:

  • Body Awareness
  • Mindfulness of Breathing
  • Walking Meditation
  • Expression of thoughts
  • Expression of hidden qualities
  • Discussion instead of aurguments
  • The Importance of Time Discipline
  • Five positive precepts
  • The Importance of Dr. Ambedkar.

People to People Society Nagpur organised Meditation Retreat at Hsuen Tsang Retreat Center Bordharan. This is First Retreat in India (historical event) organized for Transgender who are benefitted by this retreat and highly appreciated and requested to organize the same in future.

All the participants were happy and want to join a retreat again. The Shanaya (a leader, also called Guruma) requested that we organize a retreat or workshop again so that their group members can benefit more in future. They enjoyed the group discussion, some of them were very focused on meditation practice, and they presented their dances in cultural activity on last day.

People to People managed getting to the retreat and home again, and covered retreat fees for all participants. This retreat was free as an introduction to Meditation. Triratna’s message is, ”Triratna is open to all”.

We would like to express our special thanks to Khemadhamma, Viryasiddhi, Jonathan, Mellisa, Chittaprabha , Rob and Roland and all the donors for their generosity, due to this, we could organize the retreat. Sadhu for all.

Please feel free to contact :

tejadhamma [at] or pple2pple [at]

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