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Welcome to The Buddhist Centre Online, a space for the whole Triratna Buddhist Community and anyone who wishes to connect with others in the spirit of the Dharma. We’re always excited to see what directions the site takes – thanks for being a part of it!

Please take a look at our site privacy policy. Here are the Terms & Conditions of site use from our Community Guidelines, which are designed to help create a positive environment for all who value this space…

  • Please be courteous at all times. If you’re engaged in any kind of discussion, please avoid swearing/cursing and be as prepared to listen as you are to express yourself. Remember that there’s always a real person behind a computer screen, and they are likely quite different from you!
  • Think twice before posting anything that’s likely to give offence or be inflammatory. That doesn’t promote good conversation. If you’re upset at something you see here, perhaps let a little time pass before responding. Bear in mind this isn’t a space to vent our views, it’s about exploring respectfully with others what it means to be a Buddhist within our community and in the modern world generally.
  • This site is intended primarily for the discussion and sharing of Buddhist practice. Please do not upload images or video that are obviously unrelated to the context you’re taking part in. We may remove posts that are considered off-topic from groups and blogs. Please do not make posts with gratuitously violent or explicitly sexual content on any space on the site. And please also abide by our position with regard to the posting of copyrighted material.
  • Everyone has off-moments, and we’ll always try to be in friendly dialogue with you if a problem arises with one of your contributions. But we reserve the right to remove comments and posts (or even suspend user accounts) when we feel these guidelines are not observed. Needless to say, we won’t tolerate any kind of hate speech, ‘trolls’ or ‘flame wars’ here.

Whatever you contribute we very much encourage you to think about it in the light of the Buddhist ethical precepts around ‘Right Speech’. These encourage communication that is:

  • Truthful
  • Helpful and harmonious
  • Kindly and gracious

We look forward to all you have to bring to the site! For more, see our help section.