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Slideshows now on YouTube live. Taming the Bull, Saturday

On Thu, 23 April, 2020 - 11:10
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Imagine a Buddha…

Weekly Slideshows by Ratnaprabha on images and symbols in Buddhism.

Now on YouTube Live as well as on Zoom. See last week’s slideshow (Buddhist Symbols) on our new NLBC YouTube channel.  Do subscribe. 

11:30 am on Saturdays (except 9 May, see below) after the 10:30 meditation.
Zoom login each week here except 10 May, Buddha Day, 14:00.  

Sat 25 April    Taming The Bull: a Zen path – Watch on YouTube Live here from 11:30 on Saturday.
Sat 2 May    Meeting the Buddhas
(Sat 9 May    Kusala Talk on Right Livelihood)
Sunday 10 May    (Buddha Day, 14:00) Mythic Beings at the Buddha’s Awakening
Sat 16 May    Can the Buddha lift Thor’s hammer? – the Vajra
Sat 23 May    The Pagoda of Consciousness: the Stupa

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