Buddhism in North London

This Precious Opportunity

On Tue, 15 September, 2020 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
The first of a series on the 4 reminders, given live at the North London Buddhist Centre, 12 Sept 2020. 1. Our life as a human being is a precious opportunity. 2. Everything changes, and death is inevitable, so don’t lose your opportunities. 3. You do make a difference, the way you live and act now will change the future for yourself and for the world. 4. Ordinary habitual or self-centred life is a trial for everyone, so live a meaningful life, take your opportunities, make a difference! Everyone can liberate themselves. What is so special about human awareness, and what particular advantages make it 'precious'? Ratnaprabha shows how we can see the huge value of what life is offering right now, and take this opportunity to commit to practice.
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