Buddhism in North London

Exploring the Honeyball Sutta, An Alternative Nidana Chain

On Fri, 9 April, 2010 - 01:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
Subhuti gives a concise and inspiring account of the Honeyball sutta. Starting with some background to his work in Hungary amongst the oppressed Gypsies there, he presents the Buddha's understanding on the basis for civil, in fact all kinds of, strife.

The Buddha's analysis takes the form of a nidana chain beginning with actual experience, that when we begin to proliferate or move away from facts to interpretations inevitably leads us into a secondary reality which easily leads to conflict with others, who have different versions of reality.

A brilliant talk, covering ground rapidly but concisely bringing together the Buddha's wisdom both in terms of transforming society and how we work within meditation, in fact we need to employ the same tools in both situations.
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