Buddhism in North London

An anniversary and a fundraiser

On Mon, 6 March, 2023 - 16:24
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In 2003, the North London Buddhist Centre opened in its current location on Holloway Road in London.  Since then, we have developed a wonderful practice community here with lots of people benefitting from a space to develop life-changing skills through Buddhist teachings. We recently estimated that there are 11,000 individual visits in a year to our building for meditation, Buddhism and yoga.

This year, we are celebrating 20 years here and our aim for our anniversary is to own this special building, without the burden of a hefty mortgage. £75,000 would pay it off, saving outgoings of £5000 per month. Chair Ratnaprabha says: ‘The pandemic hit our income hard, but we want to continue offering low-cost and free classes to all who need them, and facilities to all who feel connected to the Buddhist community.’ One of these people is Remi, who has been coming along for several years: “The North London Buddhist Centre is for me a refuge from the intensity of modern life. A beautiful place, where I can meet people with similar values and interests, where I can grow my practice and have the support to become a better human. I love volunteering here to help give people the same precious experience I had the first time I came along.”. 

Find out more by visiting our gofundme page:


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