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Who are the Young Facilitators?

On Sat, 10 May, 2014 - 00:08
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On the first weekend in April this year Adhisthana welcomed a gathering of 35 “Young Facilitators”.

The Young Facilitators are young Mitras and Order members engaged with inspiring young people to meet and practise the Dharma through running activities and groups for young people at their local centres. They gather together every year to share ideas, inspire each other and build friendships which, they hope, are the basis of the next generation of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

This year 35 facilitators got together, from London, Cambridge, Norwich, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham (all UK) and Essen (Germany).

Listen to their 7.5 minute pocast explaining the event.

Top tips for running a Young Buddhist Group
Listen to two talks: Glenn Kitsune (20 minutes) and Erika Chakley (25.5 minutes) share their experience of the
London Buddhist Centre’s Sub 35 group and the Norwich Young Buddhists’ group:

Workshops and training
The weekend included a range of workshops and training, including:

Jnanadhara: Five points on leading meditation
Dharmashalin: Facilitating discussion groups
Adam and Glenn: Delivering great announcements
Richard: Introducing ritual to young people
Alice: Why live in a community?

For more detailed notes from the workshops or further information about the Triratna Young Buddhists’ Project
and events youngtriratna [at] (contact Singhamati, )Young Persons’ Co-ordinator.

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