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West London Buddhist Centre in Vogue

On Wed, 4 June, 2014 - 18:26
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A member of Triratna’s West London sangha, in Britain, was flipping through the latest edition of British Vogue when her eye fell on a an advertisement for the new building to which the new West London Buddhist Centre is to move this autumn. Number 1, Westbourne Gardens, in London W2, features nine luxury apartments with underground car parking, starting at £1.65 million.

As the WLBC’s Yashobodhi wrote on Facebook, “We’ll only have the ground- and lower-ground floors, but what a strange kind of publicity for a Buddhist Centre. What an excitement!”

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yashobodhi's picture
What I found interesting about this add/article (it was presented as an article actually), was that the presence of a Buddhist centre is used to add to the appeal of these luxury apartments.