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Vishvapani's latest radio appearances

On Tue, 2 February, 2016 - 23:36
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As you may know, Triratna’s Vishvapani is the regular Buddhist contributor to ”Thought for the Day”, part of BBC Radio’s 4’s daily flagship news programme, “Today”, which has a regular audience of over 7 million listeners per week.

Here is a roundup of his “Thoughts” from the last six months, each taking less than three minutes to comment on an an item of current news from a Buddhist perspective.

20/1/2016: Caring for the world by helping people care for themselves
13/01/2016: Bowie’s Dharma
07/10/2015: The Buddha’s leadership lessons
01/10/2015 Slavery: reparations or moving on?
20/08/2015 The Dharma of children’s wellbeing
10/07/2015: Life after shopping

“Life after shopping” was reviewed in Radio Times, the UK’s leading TV and radio listings magazine. “And when [radio] stops us dead in our tracks, as Vishvapani Blomfield made me do, we suddenly feel revived. The world stops spinning and just for a moment, you’re really young again – imbued with hope, time and ideas.”
Read the full review. 

You can follow Vishvapani’s latest writing and broadcasts on Buddhism and mindfulness on his Wise Attention blog.

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