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Vishvapani on the BBC

On Tue, 18 March, 2014 - 00:03
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Vishvapani has been busy on the BBC again - and elsewhere. You can catch up with him on the internet.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme’s Thought for the Day Vishvapani discusses the speech precepts and the importance of listening for the health of modern society.

Marking the Christian period of Lent, Vishvapani was one of three speakers discussing the spiritual significance of wilderness on Beyond Belief, a BBC Radio 4 discussion programme.

Finally, All Things Considered. Vishvapani was one of three guests on this BBC Radio Wales discussion programme on the experience of conversion.

In addition, Vishvapani was interviewed on the Middle Way Society’s website, talking about mindfulness, the Middle Way, enlightenment, Jung and integration, the relationship of the Middle Way with the arts, incrementality and his agnostic position on karma and rebirth.

Listen to all these programmes (and more) on Vishvapani’s blog. (This particular edition of All Things Considered is available on BBC iplayer till 20th March, but will be on Vishvapani’s blog after that.)

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