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Vidyadevi and the Complete Works

On Wed, 3 May, 2017 - 23:47
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Our video today is Vidyadevi’s beautiful talk, ‘Beyond Us, Yet Ourselves’ about her work as editor of Sangharakshita’s Complete Works, given in Adhisthana’s Sangharakshita Library on the Triratna 50th anniversary weekend. (Audio below.)

Giulietta Spudich writes from Windhorse Publications to update us on the the Complete Works project.

“The project was launched successfully last October with four volumes published so far. These volumes include previously out of print material such as What is the Sangha? and never-before published material inlcuding various talks by Sangharakshita in India in the 1980s.

In addition to these important works, much effort has been made by the editorial team to trace the source of original teachings and present them as endnotes. The last volume, the Concordance, will index teachings and themes across all 27 volumes, tying them together. This will be priceless in referring to different talks and commentaries by Sangharakshita on a specific theme across his decades of teaching. 

‘Beyond us, yet ourselves’ by Vidyadevi

In her talk, Vidyadevi likens Sangharakshita’s teachings to a cathedral, in an evocative metaphor that conveys the richness and depth of the wisdom and knowledge contained in them. 

Some Centres, such as Berlin, Bristol, Cambridge, London Buddhist Centre, Melbourne, Metta Vihara, Paris, and the West London Buddhist Centre have already taken out subscriptions. Sadhu to you!

If you are another Centre we haven’t named or you have taken out an individual subscription, thank you. We hope you benefit from these rich volumes.

Please take out a subscription and help us move ahead more confidently. We need you!”
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Helen - Windhorse Publications's picture

Thank you.  We thought Vidyadevi’s talk was an imaginative and moving account of Sangharakshita’s writings and approach, in general.  Hope people enjoy it.

Vijaya1's picture

Excellent. What a masterful exposition! Just as Bhante has provided a large set of keys for unlocking the dharma Vidyadevi offers ways of navigating the ‘cathedral’ of his written presentations, from focusing on a single detail to exploring and viewing great panoramas from its high points, to just sitting and taking in the vastness of it all. Beyond this she dissolves the cathedral visualisation and reminds us that this is not just about what the Buddhist teachings are all about, but what we make of them.