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A Triratna 'forest garden'

On Fri, 30 September, 2016 - 10:08
Munisha's picture

Hridayabija, or “Seed of the heart”, is the name of a glorious ”forest garden” in east Devon, in the west of England.

Its creator, Sagaravajra, has spent the last six years creating this small Pure Land in a field. Clear Vision went to meet him for NewsByte.

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dh sthanashraddha's picture

Really good to see this happening, well done Sagaravajra and now Sahajatara. Hopefully some of the lessons learned here will be taken up around the movement and our larger rural retreat centre’s etc. 

shaunbartone's picture

this is gorgeous; I’d love to spend some time there. I’m working with a dharma friend in Central Massachusetts who has a 5-acre farm, and we’d like to incorporate some of these ideas. Very inspiring. 

vajragupta-f's picture

This brought tears to my eyes - the possibilities for harmony and balance with our environment which so few people are aware of. What a fantastic project! Grateful thanks to Sagaravajra for his vision and Sahajatara for getting involved. XX