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Triratna Day 2023: Roots in the Earth, Roots in the Sky

On Tue, 21 March, 2023 - 18:04
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Roots in the Earth
Since our founding, Triratna has evolved to become a truly international sangha in special – even sacred – spaces. Collaborating in the creation of these spaces has been crucial to how we’ve grown individually and collectively. This Triratna Day, we’re celebrating the significance of such spaces in our history and the work that is happening to put roots down in new places today.

From Bhante’s early work in England to the current efforts of Order Members in countries as diverse as New Zealand, Finland, Poland, Mexico, India, and Brazil, our community has recognized the importance of establishing and nurturing new ground for practice. This is Sangha as an ever-widening circle – continuing to ripple and spread, grow and flourish, across the globe.

Roots in the Sky
As Bhante once said, for our Sangha to thrive we need really deep roots – roots, that is, in the sky! This way of speaking about bodhichitta is embodied in the image of the cosmic Refuge Tree. On Triratna Day we will also hear from senior members of the Order live from Adhisthana, who will share their personal connections with figures from the tree, exploring why they remain vital to our lineage of practice and to our sense of Triratna as a whole.

Let’s come together in large numbers around the world to celebrate our roots – in the earth and in the sky.

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