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On Tue, 13 December, 2016 - 14:51
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Barrie Cotterell is a Mitra in northern Cyprus, where he runs a Buddhist meditation group. He writes:

“Here’s a video to introduce our group in Karaman, a village in Northern Cyprus (the Turkish part). I was at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre (Wales, UK) for 8 years before retiring and moving to Cyprus late in 2015. I have also asked for ordination.

I began offering an introduction class in March this year. Originally I had just two people attending but now we are into double figures with regulars from Russia, Iran and Romania as well as ex-pat Britons, and one American.

I still keep in touch with most of my friends among the mitras and Order Members in Cardiff via Skype or email and I study regularly with one of my KMs, Sanghaloka, who is based in West Wales. This helps me feel connected with Triratna.

It’s early days for the group but there are other people who are showing an interest in Buddhism and meditation who will be moving or returning to Cyprus in the near future. It appears to be growing by word of mouth at the moment. I have asked some Order members to visit and hope they will participate in our classes when they come over.”

barriecotterell [at] (Contact Barrie.) 
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Amala's picture

lovely video for the northern Cyprus group! Best wishes for the new group. I think it is wonderful to start small like this - just invite people along and let things grow gradually. There are small collectives all around the world doing just that. Drop by drop…… 

with metta from the USA, Amala

barrie c's picture

Thank you Amala, you are right! slowly slowly is the motto.

hope all is well with you in the USA?

ani's picture

That’s great, really encouraging news. it’s lovely to hear how you are following your hearts longing and giving others the opportunity to reach the dharma. Sadhu x

barrie c's picture

Thank you Ani, I really appreciate the kind words!

best wishes live and metta to you!

annnnevans's picture

What a lovely video. How wonderful that there is a Triratna group in Northern Cyprus ! I am Ann, I am a GFR mitra in the Istanbul sangha. It would be wonderful if we can have some contact between our sanghas and even visit each other since we are so close ! You may know that we have an order member, Dharmachari Vajracaksu, who is our teacher. The sangha is approximately 20 people. We have a Mitra class in its second year with about 10 or 11 people. We have 4 GFR Mitras including myself. Kind wishes, Ann

barrie c's picture

Hello Ann, is that a Welsh name you have? that’s where I am from!

Thank  you for your kind words and give Vajracaksu my best wishes( we have exchanged a few e mails). I would love to visit Istanbul it’s on my bucket list, so perhaps 1 day I will get there as its only an hours flight from Cyprus!!

keep studying and meditating !! 

Love and metta Barrie 

Seden's picture

What a wonderful news Barrie! I am a GFR mitra in Turkey like Ann. My home town is Mersin which takes only a ferry ride to Northern Cyprus. It is exciting to know actually there is  now a Triratna group that we are not required to get a visa to visit! :) Let me know if you need any help for translation for Turkish people. With metta 

barrie c's picture

Merhaba SSS ( I guess that’s not your name) thank you for kind words and for your offer of assistance with any language issues! Yes it would be lovely to catch up 1 day. I haven’t been to mainland Turkey yet and would love to visit soon! With much metta Barrie

Atapini's picture

Very evocative video. Lovely to hear you are spreading the Dharma in this way.  Thanks for sharing your inspiration. 

barrie c's picture

Thank you Atapini my son in law ( who works for the BBC) made the promo video 

good luck with your new venture

love Barrie

Sapree's picture

Great video,

barrie c's picture

Thank you Sapree