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'Tiny homes' for San Francisco's homeless

On Sun, 18 June, 2017 - 23:49
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It’s 50 years since San Francisco’s ‘Summer of Love’, and with Buddhist Action Month in full swing across many countries, it’s a great moment to celebrate American Order member Vimalamoksha and his Tiny Homes Project, making innovative small wooden mobile homes for those living on the streets of San Francisco. Video by Prasadachitta.

Read more about the Tiny Homes Project.
Watch another video about the Tiny Homes Project.
emblems766 [at] (Email Vimalamoksha.)
Visit Vimalamoksha’s website.
Support Vimalamoksha with money.
See what what Triratna people all over the world are doing for BAM.


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Prasadajata's picture

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!!!


Prasadajata (Australia)

Vajracaksu's picture

I’m very, very moved. Inspiring project, made me well up.

Big respect Vimalamosha & all of your team

Vajracaksu (Turkey)

mokshini's picture

What a wonderful project  - sadhu to all involved!! 

Osadha's picture

Brilliant! The best thing I’ve seen in a long time. 

annnnevans's picture

I was very moved by Vimalamoksha’s life intention to learn how to “give better” and his desire to share the simple lifestyle he has discovered for himself. I remember very well how many homeless people there were in San Francisco and how the status quo in the US seems so difficult to go against - but he has done so in a beautiful and peaceful way. Small is beautiful ! I rejoice in his generosity of spirit.

lokeshvara's picture

This is a great and inspiring story. I visited at the end of last year. There’s a similar project underway in bristol, UK

barrystimm's picture

This is so awesome Dharma brother!!! Totally inspiring. I will send you a donation.

Barry T. GFR Mitra

Practicing in the Aryaloka Sangha

maitripala's picture

This is such an inspiring project. Heart opening to see :-)