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Thoughts for the Day: Buddhist Reflections on Brexit and the Coronavirus Crisis

On Thu, 4 June, 2020 - 18:06
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Since 2006 Vishvapani has been contributing to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day: a prominent daily slot featuring reflections on the news from a faith perspective. 

Vishvapani comments: 
“I often see Buddhist friends commenting on politics, usually from leftwing perspectives and often assuming that their perspective is the correct expression of their Buddhist principles. Thought for the Day forces me to do something different. Because it’s an uncontested slot on public service radio (with no interviewer or opponent to challenge what I say) I’m not allowed to offer my own political opinions: I have to connect the issues in the news to broader Dharma principles. 

Standing back from my instinctive responses in that way helps me see how partial and conditioned they are, and I’ve come to think that the most valuable thing I can offer politically is the Dharma, not my opinions.

I’ve found that particularly helpful in recent months when I found myself speaking on the day of the UK General Election and then on Brexit Day, when Britain officially left the EU. I’ve also done four talks during the Coronavirus lockdown, when the need for the Dharma has seemed greater than ever.”

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