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Tacoma: new centre in the northwest USA

On Wed, 23 March, 2016 - 15:14
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In Tacoma, Washington, Triratna has a new centre in the northwest of the USA. The Tacoma Buddhist Center was officially born on 8th March this year, a sister to the nearby Seattle Buddhist Center and the Portland Buddhist Center in Oregon - and, indeed, Vancouver Buddhist Center over the border in Canada.

See Tacoma on a map.

Tacoma’s centre has been Manidha’s vision for many years. She writes: “I always imagined building a community with others and offering the Dharma where I live. In developing our center website, Erika Narkiewicz and I panicked when we discovered the desired domain name was already taken. Having thoughtfully discussed how much money we’d be willing to offer for it, we laughed our heads off when I discovered I already owned it! I’d bought it years ago and had forgotten all about it. Dreams do come true and we’re pleased to welcome you to ours.

Please visit us!
I work full-time as Deputy Director of Human Resources for a large organization in Seattle with 14,000 employees. I own Skill for Mind, a local business that offers mindfulness training for children and adults. I’m also a senior trainer with the Potential Project, bringing mindfulness to the corporate world. As you can imagine, I could use your help!

If you’re interested in supporting a new center, experiencing America first-hand, and living with me for anywhere from one to six months (or longer depending on your visa/nationality), please dh.manidha [at] (contact me.)

Erika, a mitra from Norwich, UK, was here for just three months but was an invaluable resource and support. In addition to improving her pool game (there is an awesome pub nearby) and learning how to snow-shoe, she and I became good friends and worked together to launch the new center. If you’d like to hear more about her experience, call her!

If you’re looking for a wonderful opportunity to make a difference, pioneer a new center, have fun and enjoy waterfront living, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Visit the website.
Phone Erika: +44 (0) 7392 111239
dh.manidha [at] (Email Manidha.) 

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Vajracaksu's picture

Excellent news :) I wish you and our new centre every success Manidha, may it be a labour of love..Kind wishes from Istanbul 


Manidha's picture

Thank you for your warm wishes, Vajracaksu!  Lovely to connect with you another pioneer on the frontiers :)  We’re off to a great start and have had a full house since we opened.  I may need to consider looking for a bigger space sooner than I expected!  Warm wishes, Manidha

Vajracaksu's picture

Well, that’s fantastic Manidha! It’s taken me about 13 years to get to that stage!! I mean the space being too small. Enjoy :)

Kind wishes


yashobodhi's picture

Great news, Manidha. Best of luck with this new project.

Manidha's picture

Thank you, Yashobodhi!  Lovely to hear from you and hope to see you again at the International Order Convention.  Hugs, Manidha

Satyada's picture

Great news Manidha, always good to hear that we have expanded Triratna’s presense in North America. Sounds like a bit of a Triratna cluster is developing there in the Northwest. Sadhu!

Manidha's picture

Hello Satyada, thank you for your encouraging words and well wishes!  Yes, we are developing quite a nexus here in the Pacific Northwest between Tacoma, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, BC.  We have a four-day retreat next month with all the sanghas and I hope to introduce new Tacoma members to the larger community.  Come visit us sometime!  Manidha