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Sangharakshita's Diary, March 2014

On Sat, 5 April, 2014 - 05:47
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Ashvajit writes with his usual summary of Sangharakshita’s diary for the past month, saying - “Misty mornings at Adhisthana this month past have been accompanied by ‘sounds and sweet airs that hurt not’ - by bird song and mild breezes. The mists have often been followed by sunny, though still cool days, and daffodils, primroses and other small flowers have been opening in the bright air.

Bhante’s health has been on the whole good for someone of his age, though the quality of his sleep is still variable. He has however usually had sufficient energy to attend with appreciation to correspondence, to listen to Shabda and occasionally to readings from various books. He has been taking a regular morning constitutional with Buddhadasa, often sitting, well wrapped-up, on a seat in front of the small lake (I prefer to call it that rather than a pond). He has also had sufficient energy to see various people; earlier on in the month he would meet them after lunch, but more recently it has been after breakfast, when Bhante’s energy is at present at its brightest.

I have noted the following visitors to Bhante in the Urgyen Annexe this past month: Anya, Satyadasa, Elaine, Hattie, Vidyadevi, Vajranatha, Nagarakshita, Kate, Padmabodhini and Aryajaya. Apologies for not being able to supply surnames (for the non-Order members) at present.

With much metta to all, Ashvajit”
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I am a GFR Mitra at the East Kent Sangha. The wonderful Danapriya is my guide. I would love to meet Bhante! If it is at all possible please let me know.
Many thanks,
clivefletcher2000 [at]
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Hi there, you can always write to Bhante at urgyen.sangharakshita [at]