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Pedalling for the Dharma

On Wed, 16 July, 2014 - 13:33
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Australian order member Saddhavijaya recently completed an epic 3000-kilometre (1,864-mile) Australian bike ride, fundraising for Melbourne Buddhist Centre’s building fund.

In this 15-minute video, he reflects upon his experience.

Jodie Dempster reports for Triratna News:

“The Melbourne sangha’s current, rented, centre is becoming run down and the rent is due to increase 31% in 2014. We want our own home and have been fundraising for several years to make it happen.

As part of our on-going fundraising, Saddhavijaya spent two months in the saddle, pedalling around 150km a day. Raising about AUS$15,000 (GBP 8,200, USD14,000) in sponsorships so far, Saddhavijaya’s journey took in Birregurra, Port Fairy, Beachport, Adelaide, Katoomba, Sydney and Canberra.

The climate varies dramatically through the four states he covered, plus there are difficulties associated with pedalling across vast expanses of remote land. As Saddhavijaya wrote, ‘As expected this is the hardest part of the trip – flat open plain (Hay Plains in NSW), hot head wind, 115 kilometres without a water stop.’

Less than a week and a few hundred kilometres later he wrote, ‘A particularly cold wind, rain and earlier snow left me very chilly on my approach into the Blue Mountains. I was starting to get hypothermia, but I knew what to do. I’m glad it didn’t snow while I was riding.’

Saddhavijaya enjoys being in nature and the challenges of such a physical feat. ‘After two days of battling head winds, a kind breeze assisted my journey. Watching the ever-changing mental states that respond to changes in conditions is part of this practice. When it’s challenging I am conscious of my body and the effort required and when I am flying along the mind becomes expansive. This is all part of conditions coming together’, Saddhavijaya says.”

Read about the journey and see photos on the Melbourne Buddhist Centre Ride blog.
Support Saddhavijaya and the Melbourne sangha with a donation.
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The best news is that all that hard work has paid off. We have just bought our new Centre, 10 minutes walk away from the old one. We will move during August. It cost us nearly all we had, so fundraising will continue to help us to make the improvements inside. More details soon…
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Fabulous dahling! Which means we really need a Triratna News piece: 350 words or so, plus a picture or two? Or you could even make us a little tiny home video. Rough text or bullet points are fine and I can knock it into an article.

(And the same goes for anyone else with news to share with the Triratna world.)

Your faithful editor, Munisha

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