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New Northern Light in Oslo

On Tue, 11 October, 2016 - 08:53
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Gunaketu is Chair of Oslo Buddhistsenter, Norway. After many years in Britain, where – amongst other things – he was part of the heroic team who converted a 19th century warehouse into the Manchester Buddhist Centre, he moved back to his home country in 2000 to start a new centre there.

He writes: “Since I moved to Oslo in 2000 the Triratna sangha in Oslo has been slowly but surely growing. We now have three Order members, seven men and women preparing for ordination, 11 Mitras and a bunch of regulars with a lot of energy and inspiration to practise and live out Bhante’s vision of the Dharma.
To help create the conditions for this, we want to buy a building which will provide us with a Buddhist Centre and space for a community where some of us can live together, and where we can create business based on ethical and sustainable values.
We want to call our building Uttarābhā – which means both ‘Northern Light’ and ‘Enlightenment’. We have found a fantastic property in beautiful surroundings by the river that runs through Oslo, and are working with an ethical bank which is supportive of the project.
We need your help! Many members of the Oslo sangha have pledged generous donations, but we need to raise a further 350,000 Norwegian kroner (about 31,000 GBP / 37,000 EUR) in order to realise our vision. Can you help?
How you can help:

  1. ‘Like’ our Facebook page. 
  2. Share our Facebook page with others!
  3. Make a donation.
  4. gunaketu [at] (Email me )if you can offer us a short-term loan.

Thank you. To a wise and caring future – and beyond!”

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