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The New Colchester Buddhist Centre

On Mon, 26 March, 2018 - 12:14
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The latest Newsbyte from Clear Vision follows a visit to the new Buddhist Centre in Colchester. Chair Amalaketu’s vision was “if we build it, they will come” and already there are signs of their Sangha flourishing.  Amalaketu chats to Clear Vision in November 2017 about the process and hard work involved in renovating a quite rundown premises, formerly a doctor’s surgery - including ensuring that the Centre is as environmentally sustainable as possible, with quality insulation, low energy lighting and solar panels on the roof which generate all of the Centre’s electricity needs.  It also shows the opening of the new Colchester Centre with the cutting of the red ribbon, a new painting by Vidyalila and a special gift from Bhante as well as the customary celebratory food and cakes!

Visit the Colchester Buddhist Centre’s website.

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Wonderful. Sadhu!

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Fantastic! Sadhu Amalaketu and  ColchesterSangha!

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Congratulations Amalaketu and all involved in setting up the new Colchester Buddhist Centre, sadhu :)

Kind wishes


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Very inspiring! I wanted to ask where you get these beautiful rupas which have a more ‘western ‘look, are they specially commissioned? Metta