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New Centre for Colchester, UK

On Wed, 28 January, 2015 - 14:34
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Colchester Chair Amalaketu writes: “I am delighted to announce that our sangha have now purchased a building in the very heart of the town, which will become the new Colchester Buddhist Centre.

After saving for over 15 years we managed to buy the building from Colchester Borough Council, for the grand sum of GBP127,995. It has a long history and needs a lot of work. Most recently it was a doctor’s surgery; the treatment rooms and reception areas are still there, whilst the upstairs was used for storage many, many years ago and is completely derelict.

The next stage is to fundraise for an additional £50,000 so the building can be refurbished, although we’ve already started on the work, with loans and early donations.

I am delighted we have finally brought a building after years of renting. I am particularly grateful for the generosity of all those who’ve given time, energy, and dana to make this happen. No-one has been financially supported in Colchester so the building is a real expression of generosity and love. The next phase is even more exciting, engaging all the sangha in making a bespoke Centre, for those in the town and beyond to benefit from the Dharma.

As a wonderful to start we have a rupa donated by Chintamani, which made its way to Essex from London via the A12. It now sits wrapped in bandages on the ground floor - partly to protect it during building work, but mainly because there is no staircase to the first floor, where the shrineroom will be!

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