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Launch of the Triratna Women project

On Thu, 7 March, 2019 - 17:30
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To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Triratna Women project are launching their own space on The Buddhist Centre Online! This project has been a number of years in the planning so it is very exciting that it is finally out there.

It started as a direct response to the deaths of Vajragita in 2014 and Anjali in 2015. Danasamudra, one of the project coordinators, had been aware for some time of the need to record the experience of women in Triratna, especially those who were around in the early days. She had often thought that it was important to interview Anjali and Vajragita but unfortunately it never happened. It became essential that we didn’t lose any more important stories.

The Triratna Women project aims to learn from the early development of the Triratna Buddhist movement and Order, hear about the experiences of being a mother, of committing one’s life to fully serving the Order, of living in our current society as a full-time Dharma practitioner. These voices can inspire future generations of women to connect with Sangharakshita’s radical vision.

The project has been supported by the Future Dharma Fund

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Great work Danasamudra and team

Could you also include a link to the series of Women Elders talks which include a talk by Mallika and Vajragita who have both died but their memory and amazing contributions to Triratna live on.


Shubha x