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Windhorse:evolution make over £20,000 grants in dana

On Fri, 2 December, 2011 - 05:37
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Deborah Harward writes from Windhorse:evolution, the largest and most profitable of Triratna’s Right Livelihood businesses, with news of some recent grants which they’ve been able to make despite he UK recession. These are both to Buddhist projects around the world and Windhorse’s own suppliers. She says - “We have always aimed to make a profit to give away as Dana, and since the business started in 1980, have donated over £5 million pounds to many different projects in the Triratna Buddhist Community. In recent years we have also donated to social projects in the communities of our suppliers.

Last month we were pleased to make the following donations to Triratna projects:

* Clear Vision £3100 – this will allow them to continue developing their education material.
* Windhorse Publications £3000 – to allow them to publish a new book.
* Dharmachakra £5000 - to go towards development of freebuddhistaudio and Triratna’s new website

*Indian Dharma Trust £3400 - we received a request from Subhuti to give to this fund, which supports the men’s & women’s ordination teams in India.
* Padmasuri £1000 - Padmasuri is a public preceptor & deputy chair to the Public Preceptors meeting, and currently relies on donations to support her.

We also donated to two social projects in the communities of our suppliers:

Kupu Kupu £5000 - will cover a years costs for the center for disabled people in Bangli, Bali (see photo)
Ban Rom Sai £3154 – will pay school expenses for 16 children at this orphanage in Thailand

We have received a few other requests for money, and are also aware of financial shortfalls in other Buddhist projects that we’d very much like to support. However, as Windhorse:evolution has not made as much profit in recent years, we don’t feel able to commit to giving more at this point in time”.

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