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Windhorse:evolution host series of talks on Right Livelihood

On Thu, 15 December, 2011 - 05:50
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Throughout 2011 Windhorse:evolution, Triratna’s largest business, has been hosting a series of talks on Right Livelihood. The fourth, given by Saddharaja, is now available on-line, in which he speaks on the challenging theme of ‘Work-Place Politics and Creativity’ as seen from a Buddhist point of view.

After a introducing his subject via the dramatic Tudor dynasty of the English Middle Ages, he identifies the more unpleasant components of work-place politics, which he sees as rivalry, power-plays, status, gossip, sexual scandal and manipulation among others. He contrasts this with the aims of Buddhist Right Livelihood, which are the opposite, being based on the ‘Love Mode’ rather than the ‘Power Mode’. Getting more specific, he goes on to speak of ways of working with the challenges of the workplace via the teachings contained in the Tibetan Wheel of Life and its depiction of the six realms of existence. He reminds us of what the Buddha is offering in these realms – and how they can work for us. Finally, he suggests three further creative practices for transforming politics in the workplace. The talk is illustrated with a wide variety of visual images to illustrate the points, and finishes with a poem from William Blake.

Previous talks in the series include ‘Dealing with Change’ and ‘Work, Life and Well-Being’, both also available at VideoSangha.

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