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Vajradhara: 1957-2011

On Mon, 21 November, 2011 - 11:54
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Acalaraja and Achalapriya write with sad news of the death of Vajradhara, saying - “Dharmachari Anagarika Vajradhara died peacefully in his sleep at home on the night of November 17th, after a long illness bravely borne. He practiced the Vajrapani sadhana. He was instrumental in starting Shantikula, the Triratna centre in Johannesburg South Africa. He was indeed a diamond thunderbolt in this life and a vigorous and thorough teacher and a beautiful friend to many.

Thank you to everybody who cultivated Metta towards him during his protracted illness, and to those of you who visited and wrote to him with well wishes.

Much Metta, Acalaraja and Achalapriya”

Originally from South Africa, Vajradhara was ordained in 2001. He was privately ordained by Ashvajit and publicly ordained by Surata. His last public talk, on the theme of renunciation, to a Men’s Order Weekend at Padmaloka, is available on VideoSangha here.

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