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Two ordinations in Australia

On Fri, 27 January, 2012 - 11:58
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Sona writes from Australia with news of the first ordinations of 2012, saying -

“On Saturday 21 Jan 2012 at Triratna’s Vijayaloka Retreat Centre, Sydney, Australia, David Spotswood and Guy Holden had their public ordinations attended by about 120 family, friends and sangha. This was the last day of a 2 week men’s ‘Going For Refuge’ retreat and the beginning of the 4-day Australasian Triratna Buddhist Order Convention.

The ceremony was conducted outdoors and the auspicious event was especially memorable as there was a torrential downpour just after the chanting of the refuges and precepts. When it became apparent that the rain was going to continue and all of us - preceptor, ordinands and public - all started to get very wet, I made the decision to re-locate the gathering to the indoor shrine room to conclude the ceremony!

Guy Holden, from Sydney, has become Shuddha, a Sanskrit name meaning “Genuine and True”.

David Spotswood, from Melbourne, has become Viryasiddhi, also a Sanskrit name meaning “Accomplished in Energy and Valour”.

Both had Khemadhamma for their Private Preceptor and myself as their Public Preceptor.

With metta, Sona”.

This brings the total size of the Order to a little over 1,700 men and women spread across 30 countries. For more information on what it means to be a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, please see our Introduction to the Order elsewhere on this site.

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