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Triratna Design Competition 2011 – Results and Future…

On Tue, 20 December, 2011 - 12:39
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Congratulations to Alison Mccandish (Glasgow, UK), Christine McConnell (Toowoomba Buddhist Centre, Australia), David John (London, UK), Nene Stam (Newcastle, UK), Stuart Phillips (Windhorse:evolution, Cambrige, UK), and Dinah Milsom (Hebdon Bridge, UK) with Ed Burton (London, UK).

They were all runners up in the 2011 Triratna Design Competition.

Entries were judged by a panel consisting of Vajragupta (from the Triratna Development Team), with Amoghavajra, Jnanavaca, Ratnaghosha, Saddhanandi and Visuddhimati (all from the European Chairs Assembly executive). The panel appreciated the wide range and quality of entries (including some from Mexico, Paris and Amsterdam), but none of the ideas stood as a definite winner, so the panel decided not to award first prize on this occasion. Instead, they have opted to re-open the competition again (see the Development Team website for details of the competition for 2012), and would like to encourage designers in the Triratna Buddhist Community to take bolder steps in communicating the Buddha’s teaching in ways that are clear, direct, and immediately apparent to newcomers.

Please contact the Triratna Development Team for further details.

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