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Into the Tiger's Cave

On Thu, 1 August, 2013 - 02:01
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Prajnagita writes:

On Friday 2nd August, a small group of us at Dublin Buddhist Centre, Ireland, will be meditating all night (7pm-7am) as to raise money for the Centre. Will you sponsor us?

The Centre is very vibrant at the moment and with so many people coming through the doors the demands on resources are high. We now have a four-person team (Prajnagita is the latest addition) to help meet the needs of people from all over the city and from all walks of life wanting to learn meditation or take their spiritual practice deeper.

Of course a bigger team comes with increased costs. To help cover these we have recently launched a standing order appeal and are running a series of fundraising events across the year - of which this is one.

It’s going to be an intense but exciting night of practice where we intend to enter the Tiger’s Cave of our minds just like the Buddha on the eve of his Enlightenment. Activities will include sitting and walking meditation, tea ceremonies at 11pm & 3am and readings and chanting on the hour, all night long!

We would love your support for this event, so do please consider giving to help the fabulous work of the Dublin Buddhist Centre.

To donate now online, go directly to our donation page.

Click here for more information on supporting the work of the Dublin Buddhist Centre.

Many thanks, and warm regards from all of us on the Dublin Buddhist Centre Team
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