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Three Ordinations in San Francisco

On Fri, 26 July, 2013 - 05:54
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Karunadevi writes with news of three ordinations in San Francisco, saying - “I am very happy to inform you that on Sunday July 21 2013, in a ceremony at the San Francisco Buddhist Center, Nancy Anding, Vicki Oyadamari, and Elaine Ward were publicly ordained.

Nancy is now Shunyamala (Sanskrit) meaning “Garlanded with Shunyata”.
Vicki is now Manidha (Sanskrit, first a is short, short i, and last a is long) meaning “Holder of the Jewel”.
Elaine is now Satyavasini (Sanskrit) meaning “She Who Dwells in Truth (of Reality)”.

Their Private Preceptor was Viveka, and their Public Preceptor Karunadevi.


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