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Ten women ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order

On Mon, 17 September, 2012 - 06:13
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Parami writes with the delightful news of the ordinations of a very international group of ten women into the Triratna Buddhist Order, saying - “The following women had their public ordinations at Akashavana in Spain on 14th September 2012:

Louisa Drewett (Norwich, UK) becomes Sraddhadhi (acute accent over ‘s’, long second ‘a’, and long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name which means ‘she who has wisdom with faith’; westernised spelling: Shraddhadhi; private preceptor: Kalyanasri.

Kristina Karlsson (Stockholm, Sweden) becomes Bhavapriya (long first and last ‘a’s), a Sanskrit name which means ‘devoted to Reality’; westernised spelling: Bhavapriya; private preceptor: Taraka.

Karin Magnusson (Stockholm, Sweden) becomes Dhammasiri (long last ‘i’), a Pali name which means ‘radiance of the Dhamma’; westernised spelling: Dhammasiri; private preceptor: Taraka.
Their Public Preceptor was Ratnadharini

Ulla Reiss (Wiesbaden, Germany; connect to Essen Centre) becomes Upeksalila (dot under the ‘s’, both ‘a’s and ‘i’ long), a Sanskrit name which means ‘the play of stillness’; westernised spelling: Upekshalila; private preceptor: Kulanandi.

Paty Ramos (Mexico City) becomes Karunasakhi (dot under the ‘n’, and long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name which means ‘she who is a compassionate friend’; westernised spelling: Karunasakhi; private preceptor: Paramachitta.

Susan Story (Valencia, Spain) becomes Amoghadevi, a Sanskrit name which means ‘unobstructed shining lady’; westernised spelling: Amoghadevi; private preceptor: Paramachitta.
Their Public Preceptor was Parami

Shiela Groonell (Aryaloka, USA) becomes Lilasiddhi (long first ‘i’, long ‘a’) a Sanskrit name which means ‘accomplishment through play’; westernised spelling: Lilasiddhi; private preceptor: Ashokashri.

Debby Cardwell (Aryaloka, USA) becomes Vikasasri (long first ‘a’, acute accent above ‘s’, and long last ‘i’) a Sanskrit name which means ‘the radiance of opening the heart and serenity’; westernised spelling: Vikasashri; private preceptor: Dayalocana.

Marianne Hannagan (Aryaloka, USA) becomes Simhatara (dot below the ‘m’, long second and last ‘a’) a Sanskrit name which means ‘protector who is like a lion’; westernised spelling: Singhatara; private preceptor: Dayalocana.

Candace Copp (Aryaloka, USA) becomes Santikirika (acute accent above the ‘s’, both ‘a’s long) a Sanskrit name which means ‘sparkling with tranquility, peace and happiness’; westernised spelling: Shantikirika; private preceptor: Dayalocana.
Their Public Preceptor was Karunadevi.

In the Dharma, Parami.
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