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Tarabodhi: 1926:2011

On Sun, 30 October, 2011 - 06:02
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Dayasara writes to say – “I am sorry to report that Tarabodhi died peacefully after a short bout of pneumonia in the afternoon of Tuesday October 25th aged 85. This was at the nursing home in Bath where he had lived for about 3 years. His daughter Charlotte and other family members were with him.

He was ordained in 1998 at Padmaloka. He was a devoted Amitabha practitioner and used his Order name in most situations. Before his retirement he was a pioneer music therapist. He was a creative and delightful man and continued thus despite being very frail in later times.

With metta. Dayasara”

At the same time, Jnanagita writes from Finland to say - “Bodhishri’s funeral ceremony is going to be held on Friday 11.11.11 at the Hietaniemi crematory in Helsinki at 4-5 PM Finnish time. This is for you to know if you want to participate in spirit. If you want to know anything further, please jnanagita [at] (contact me)”.

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