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Sangharakshita celebrates 86th birthday, marked by construction work starting in India

On Fri, 26 August, 2011 - 03:32
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Today sees Sangharakshita’s 86th birthday and while he marks it quietly at home in Birmingham UK, a major new project gets underway at Triratna’s vibrant Amaravati centre in central India.

Amitayus, their Project Manager, writes to say:

“Dear Triratna News, I hope today brings you and all your readers great happiness and pleasure on this day Bhante’s 86th Birthday. Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha Amravati is celebrating this day by performing a long puja in the morning and also starting the construction work of our new Anathapindaka Vihara and Social Work Centre. This will be our offering to Bhante to express our great gratitude for his vision.

Soon I will write and send you full details of the project for Triratna News but now will you please pass on this news to your readers so that many sangha people worldwide could know this; it will be of great help to us. Much love, Amitayus”

They have a website (also under construction!) and a very impressive annual report, which gives a good idea of the breadth of their activities. The 2007-8 report is available online here.

Last but by no means least, they’re fundraising for the Vihara at The photograph on this post shows an artist’s impression of the planned building.

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