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New Music By Two Triratna Musicians Now Available

On Sun, 4 March, 2012 - 05:55
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Today we’re delighted to present two new pieces of Buddhist-inspired music to sample on-line or download, and both by Triratna musicians. Lorna Reay, from Cambridge UK, writes to say “I’ve made a CD of my own setting of the Sevenfold Puja, Shantideva’s classic Buddhist sacred text used in Triratna. I use vocals, Flute, Guzheng, Piano, Koto, Cello, Violins, and Tibetan Singing bowls. You can listen to samples of all the tracks on-line or download the complete album for $9.99. £1 from each sale goes to Karuna, the Buddhist charity dedicated to helping some of India’s most disadvantaged people”. [It’s beautiful…! - ed.]

Meanwhile, down in Brighton UK, Mahãsukha has been working on his long-awaited album ‘Longing’, an online album of soulful mantras. In the making for some time, it’s now ‘complete’ with the addition of a 2nd Padmasambhava mantra (the Vajra Guru mantra). You can also listen to clips online or download it - enjoy!

Mahãsukha will be running singing and mantra workshops at this year’s Triratna International Retreat at Taraloka in June, and, as usual, running workshops at this year’s Buddhafield Festival in July. He’s available to lead Soulful Singing and/or Beauty of Mantra workshops at Centres, on retreats, in corporate business, in schools etc. For further information you can mahasukha [at] (email Mahasukha). Lorna’s website contains introductions to her many other interests - Teaching, Songs, Instrumentals, Poetry, Paintings, and Books.

Many other Triratna members have their own websites, and you’ll find many of them on the Triratna People website.

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