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New Buddha in Valencia

On Mon, 15 August, 2011 - 06:00
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Amalamati, chairman of Triratna’s Centro Budista de Valencia in Spain writes with news of their beautiful new Buddha figure. He says - “Our celebrations for the Triratna Community Day in Valencia this year were marked by a very special event: the inauguration of a magnificent new Sakyamuni Buddha rupa.

“The 2/3 sized bronze figure is the work of Virginia Gonzalez, a professional sculptress who works as an artist for the well-known Spanish ceramics company Lladro. Virginia is a mitra who spent the best part of 2 years working on the project, an act of incredible generosity, giving her time, energy, inspiration and artistry to create a beautiful new representation of the Buddha in the earth-touching mudra. His Western features make one think of Gandhara figures or even of classical Greek images. His strong, steady presence contrasts wonderfully with his soft inward-looking smile.

“The overall process from the initial clay figure through to the final application of the patina to the bronze cast was a complex and fascinating one involving the figure taking four different forms with three moulds and using four different materials: clay, wax, plaster and the final bronze.

“The final result is one of great beauty and presence and really helps bring something of the majesty and mystery of the Buddha’s Enlightenment into the midst of Valencia’s hustle and bustle.

“Click here to see more photos of the making of the rupa.

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