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Mexico opens third new Buddhist Centre this year

On Wed, 26 June, 2013 - 21:05
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The Dharma revolution continues to gather pace in Mexico: New Triratna Centre to open in Cuernavaca

Nagapriya writes with news of a new Triratna Buddhist Centre in Mexico - their third in the past twelve months! He says - “Are Triratna centres like buses? None come along for ages and then three arrive at once. After the recent openings of centres in Queretaro and Coyoacan (Mexico City), comes a third urban centre, this time in Cuernavaca, the state capital of Morelos, located just south of Mexico City.

The new Centre, to be named Centro Budista de Cuernavaca, will be formally inaugurated in October but opened its doors for the first time this weekend. A group of Order members, mitras, and friends gathered there to witness the birth of a new Bodhisattva in the world; small, but perfectly formed.

The new centre is located in the historic quarter of central Cuernavaca not far from the city’s cathedral. An attractive building has been secured and has already been decorated and fitted out thanks to the generosity of local Order members, mitras, and friends. It will embellish an already burgeoning Buddhist scene, which comprises an array of Tibetan, Zen, and other communities.

The primary architects behind this exciting venture have been two Mexican Dharmacharinis, Akasavajri and Saddhajoti, who are nothing if not ambitious. Not content with already having built a retreat centre – Chintamani (also in Morelos) – Saddhajoti has now set her sights on a complementary urban centre to serve the spiritual needs of the Cuernavaca metropolitan area, home to some 800,000 people. Akasavajri, on the other hand, will be developing RespirArte, an initiative offering mindfulness-based courses, workshops, and training which will serve as a source of income for the new centre. They have now been joined by Nagapriya, an English-born Order member, and are in discussions with other Order members to gather a broad base of support for the new venture. The new urban centre will form part of the mandala of Triratna Morelos which will become an Associacion Civil, and will also assume responsibility for Chintamani Retreat Centre (located half an hour east of Cuernavaca) and RespirArte. It is hoped that further projects will follow.

Cuernavaca itself is known as the ‘city of eternal spring’ owing to its year-round good weather. For this reason, it is a popular weekend getaway for hassled Chilangos (inhabitants of Mexico City) where they can relax in one of the city’s myriad swimming pools. It has also been called home by the rich and famous including Hernan Cortes, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Shah of Iran, and once hosted a celebrated seminar by Erich Fromm on Buddhism and Zen. The city’s local attractions include the magical village of Tepotzlan and the spectacular, pre-columbian metropolis of Xochicalco. What better place to come on holiday and visit el Centro Budista de Cuernavaca at the same time?

For more photos of the opening, click here.

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