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Mexico hosts Triratna’s first Pan-American Order Convention

On Fri, 16 November, 2012 - 09:25
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Saddhajoti writes from Mexico with news of Triratna’s first Pan-American Order Convention, saying - “During the last week of October, Mexico witnessed the first-ever encounter of Order Members from different countries of the Americas. The Order Members attending were from across the U.S. (San Francisco, Seattle, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Maine, Montana, Spokane), from Canada (Vancouver), from Mexico (Mexico City and Queretaro), plus a few visitors from Spain, New Zealand, Scotland, and England, including our two Order Convenors, Mahamati and Parami. Regrettably, our brothers from Venezuela and Brazil couldn’t make it.

In all, 38 Dharmacharis and Dharmacharinis gathered to spend a few days together at Chintamani, a Triratna retreat centre located some 70 km south of Mexico City. We were generously hosted by a group of Mitras and local friends, who offered us beautiful sunny days, cool evenings and peaceful mornings. We took as our theme ‘An exploration of the new system of spiritual life’, which we approached through meditation, talks, reflection, and friendly and significant discussions. We also had a few workshops that included dancing, a hike to the hill close by, and a sharing of our experiences on working with addictions.

Overall, the Convention was a profoundly significant and positive experience. During our reporting-out the words ‘friendship’, ‘gratitude’, ‘community’, and ‘connection’, were most frequently uttered, and I personally found the gathering deeply fulfilling. I was left with the kind of serene satisfaction that comes from a deep sense of shared values and ideals, and communality of practice. There is no question for me that ‘meeting in large numbers’ in such a way is one of the most brilliant jewels of our beautiful sangha.

‘Inspired by the Dharma, may we soon meet again, in prosperity and boon’.

With metta, Saddhajoti

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