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Meditation weekend for 18-35s this weekend at Rivendell

On Tue, 5 February, 2013 - 17:22
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How about meditating in a forest of stars? Triratna events for adults under 35 have really taken off in recent years. This Friday sees the latest: a young people’s meditation weekend at Rivendell Retreat Centre, UK.

The Five Stages of the Path weekend is for young men and women familiar with meditation and puja as taught within the Triratna Buddhist Community. Living and meditating together, you’ll explore your own experiences of moving from calm towards insight.

Singhashri says “Coming across the Dharma in my early 20s, it was important to me to see and practise alongside other young people who were as serious about gaining insight as I was. And it was important to be taken seriously in doing that. As a young Order member from America, it’ll be great to be teaching alongside Kamalashila, a Triratna teacher who has inspired me in my own practice.

I’m also excited about the way the shrine room has been decorated: we’ll be meditating in the forest with the Buddha himself!”

Join them for meditation, practice reviews, group discussion and fun. There are still places available.

February 8-10


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