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Launching the Urban Retreat 2011

On Fri, 7 October, 2011 - 19:04
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Many thanks to the over 200 people who have registered interest in the online version of the International Urban Retreat for 2011, in 55 different places from San Francisco to Toowoomba. We’re delighted to say that the retreat is now open for you to join in.

If you’re not sure how an Urban Retreat works, check out our quick guide, or jump in and test the waters (it’s completely free of charge)…

This year we are focussing on the theme of the Worldly Winds, traditionally known as the eight lokadhammas. These are: gain and loss, fame and infamy, praise and blame, and pleasure and pain.

The aim is to help us be more aware of how we may be “blown about” by them and to reflect on how we might develop more equanimity.

You can choose your own level of commitment to practice during the week and we’ll offer useful ideas and ways to help create the supportive conditions you need - how to practise Buddhism in your own life amidst all the ups and downs. Join us as we sail the winds together!

This is also the first chance we’ve had to test elements of our social network on We’ve tried to keep things simple, do a few things well and create a space where the focus can remain on engaging with practice rather than distracting from it. We’ll always be happy to hear how you find it and look forward to seeing what you make of the space!

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