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Latest photos from the Buddhafield Festival - and news of upcoming Living Arts Gathering

On Tue, 31 July, 2012 - 06:34
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We’ve continued to scour the internet for memories of the recent and wonderful Buddhafield Festival: here’s some highlights. You can see a home-movie video of the Closing Ceremony Parade; an extended interview with Paul Crosland aka the Freelender introducing his concept of ‘Gift Economics’ (much appreciated when applied to giving away multiple pairs of Wellington boots on site!); plus the first of several video talks from the Dharma Parlour - Jayaraja on ‘Love, Sex and the Transformation of the Heart’.

Over at Vegan website Viva! there’s a write-up of their ‘Cookin’ in the Rain’ workshops; and a Facebook search revealed (among others) Lily Ayre’s lovely people photos - as she says, showing “Magic, happiness, wonder, joy, laughter, embraces, beauty, healing, kisses, positivity - and mud!” Last but by no means least is a snatch on Facebook of Mahasukha’s wonderful ‘Beauty of Mantra’ singing workshop.

Meanwhile Buddhafield are preparing for a new event in their calendar - the “Living Arts & Crafts Gathering”, to be held 23 - 27 August on their beautiful land at Frog Mill, near Dartmoor, Devon. It’s a joint event with Renewal Arts, and Tasha Elena Stevens- Vallecillo, the Living Arts Artistic Director writes, saying “We have some very interesting speakers lined up including Charty Durrant who writes for Resurgence magazine and lectures at the London College of fashion; Simon Lee Dicker Visual Arts, on the value of art in communities and Jack Strange (whose work is in the Saatchi Gallery) on how to earn a living whilst maintaining artistic integrity.

“There will be installations, workshops and performance by artists including Stephen Stockbridge, Hannah Tristram, Nicollette Corcoran, Miranda Warburton, David Spero and many more! There will also be a free exhibition open to the public on ‘Art as a Catalyst for Change’, where participants are invited to submit work, critical dialogue as well as sign up for impromptu sessions.

“We are still looking for artists to lead sessions on Art and the Environment, Art and Activism as well as looking for people to lead kids activities. If you are interested in doing any of the above please living.arts.greenspace [at] (contact us).

For more details or to book, go to the Buddhafield Facebook Events page or book direct through Buddhafield.

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