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Job opportunities around Triratna

On Fri, 30 September, 2011 - 05:49
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A number of job opportunities are currently available in several of Triratna’s Right Livelihood businesses. Full details are available on the Triratna Jobs website, but here’s the highlights -

Windhorse Publications, the Triratna Buddhist Community’s publisher, seeks a Publishing Controller to work in their Cambridge offices. Also in Cambridge UK, there’s two vacancies at Windhorse:Evolution, Triratna’s largest and most successful right livelihood business.

Down in London there’s also two job opportunities at Karuna Trust for a new Head of Fundraising and Donor Development Manager.

And last but by no men’s least, the busy Dhanakosa Retreat Centre in Scotland is seeking people to live and work at Dhanakosa.

If you’re managing a Triratna project and seeking workers or volunteers, full-time or part-time, you’re welcome to advertise for free on Triratna Jobs. Simply email us at jobs [at] with the description and photo, and we’ll do the rest…

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