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Jayasri and Paramlokapriya: Triratna Buddhist Order 1983-2013 and 2002-2013

On Sat, 21 September, 2013 - 06:00
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In the past week Triratna News has been informed of the deaths of two Order Members: Jayasri in New Zealand and Paramlokapriya in India. Varadevi writes from New Zealand saying - “Dear Bhante, Dharmacharinis and Dharmacharis, Jayasri passed away peacefully around 10pm NZ time on Wednesday 18th September. Her sister Barbara, her son Adam and her friend Asangamati were with her . Jayasri was one of the earliest Dharmacharinis in NZ. She was ordained in 1983 by Bhante and took Manjughosa as her yidam. Attached is a photo of our dear friend I took last year. With metta, Varadevi”

And Amrutdeep writes from India, saying - “Dear All, I am sad to inform you that Dhammachari Paramlokapriya has passed away on 15th Sept at 6 pm. He died due to old age. He was in a very positive mental state during this time. He was from Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India. He was born on 31 Aug. 1924 and got ordained on 22 Sept 2002 at Bhaja Retreat Centre. He kept his Shakyamuni sadhana very regularly since his ordination. His funeral took place on 16th Sept at about 10.00.a.m. at the cremation ground near his house. His family members & his son Dh. Ratnadeep have arranged a “Punyanumodan Din” (Rejoicing in Merits Day) for him on the occasion of his spiritual birthday on 22 Sept. Please, let us remember him & send metta towards him. With Metta, Amrutdeep”

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