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Highlights from the Wildmind newsletter

On Wed, 17 August, 2011 - 06:00
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Each month Triratna’s Wildmind meditation teaching website produces a newsletter, full of up-to-the-minutes information, advice and articles on meditation. We’d like to feature them every month, but seem to have got really behind - so here’s a few highlights from the past three months!

Meditating on anxiety - by Sunada

Letting go of limiting self-views, embracing our potential - by Bodhipaksa

Avalokitesvara: the heart of the rainbow - by Parami

Why I call myself a Buddhist - by Mandy Sutter

30 ways to add zing to your meditation - by Saddhamala

Emotional Intelligence and the Brain: an interview with Daniel Goleman - by Bodhipaksa

You can subscribe to their newsletter for free anytime - on email, Facebook, Kindle, Twitter and more - by visiting any of their newsletters and clicking the relevant link. But for now, enjoy!

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