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Hastings Triratna group celebrates first Mitra Ceremonies

On Sun, 27 May, 2012 - 06:09
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Sue writes from Triratna’s Hastings Buddhist group with news of their recent celebrations, saying - “We meet in a large room above an antique shop in a bustling tourist street, just a few steps away from the historic beach, scene of the Battle of Hastings all those years ago. We average 12-17 meditators and have been meeting for nearly three years.

We are delighted to announce the recent Mitra Ceremonies of Laura Knobloch and Barry Smith. Sadhu! We’re also welcoming a new Convenor in the form of Vidyakaya, and with this strengthening of our Sangha, have inaugurated weekly meetings of both our Sangha and beginners’ nights”.

You’ll find details of our classes online here.

News is also filtering in of a new Triratna group in Oxford, we’ll bring more details when we have them.

Over on, the Triratna Contacts page has had a major makeover and been expanded to include a huge variety of Triratna multimedia and social networking presences. Check it out!

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