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On Sun, 18 September, 2011 - 06:29
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Vajracaksu writes from Istanbul, where he runs a small Triratna Buddhist group, saying - “I’d like to bring to the attention of readers of ‘Triratna News’ a simple but beautiful website called ‘Gratitude Unlimited’. I’ve been trying to promote awareness of and use of this website over the years here in Turkey. The creators (friends of mine in the Order) were keen to produce a website for people to rejoice in others, delight in them, and express their gratitude in all ways. It’s also a pleasure, even an inspiration sometimes to simply read other peoples’ expressions of appreciation and gratitude, a kind of uplifting feast for the heart.

I became more aware of the spiritual significance of gratitude after attending Bhante’s talk “Looking at the Bodhi Tree” (1999) in which he says: “the Buddha was grateful, and one of the very first things He did after His attainment of Enlightenment was to show His gratitude to those who had helped Him” - also “…gratitude finds a place in his (the Buddha’s) ethical and spiritual teaching…According to the Mangala Sutta, it is a sign that you are making spiritual progress.”

The website is divided up into lots of categories towards whom we might feel gratitude: friends, teachers, partners, spiritual teachers, heroes and quite a few more. You’ll find expressions of gratitude towards Henry Miller, Erich Fromm, Kulananda, Abhayakirti, Sangharaksita, Ali G and many more.

It was created about 6 years ago by Lokabandhu and Satyadasa, but for a year or two it disappeared, then about 3 months ago, due to the expertise and generosity of Dridhamati, to my delight it returned. So, overnight, I hope hundreds of more people become aware of it!

I hope you take a look at ‘Gratitude Unlimited’ and maybe add something yourself

Kind wishes


“One can love people only as far as one understands them, and be ready to love them more when one understands them better.” Sangharakshita
“Insan baskalarini ancak onlari anladigi ölçüde sevebilir; onlari daha iyi anladikça daha çok sevmeye hazir olur.” Sangharakshita

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