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Full Moon Purnima Pujas Celebrated in India

On Wed, 15 February, 2012 - 06:22
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Nagamitra writes from India, where he works at Nagaloka, Triratna’s social and Dhamma training complex in Nagpur, Maharastra. Following ancient Buddhist tradition, they’ve recently started celebrating the full moons with night-time meditations, known as Purnima Pujas. He says -

“Dear Friends, full moon Purnima Puja meditations are now regular activities in Nagaloka. Since the opening of our Big Buddha statue last year we have run this activity on every full moon evening. Each month nearly 200 men and women come to join our Nagarjuna Training Institute trainees and local order members, we meditate and perform puja together. The photo shows us meditating outside next to Nagaloka’s beautiful Standing Buddha statue. This has just been repainted and so we rededicated it. Now it looks so beautiful, just like gold.

Lokamitra was present for the most recent full moon and he delivered a very inspiring talk, it was very well attended and we were able to welcome guests from America and Korea as well as our regulars.

With much metta, Nagamitra”

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